Application Process


1. To be considered for an open position:

     a. View the Shasta Head Start job board for open positions and submit an electronic application for employment.

     b. Submit unofficial transcripts for openings that have educational requirements.

          Transcripts may be turned in:

               i. In person or by mail

                    1. 375 Lake Blvd. Ste#100

                        Redding, CA 96003

               ii. By Fax

                    1. (530) 243-8601

     c. Applicants will be notified that their application has been received. Applicants will be contacted if they have been chosen for an interview.

     d. Application Review

          a. Applicants’ qualifications are compared to the minimum requirements of the position per the job description.

          b. Meeting the minimum qualifications of the position does not guarantee an applicant an interview.

          c. Applications for qualified candidates will be given to the hiring managers for further review.

     e. Interviews

          a. Selected candidates will be given oral interviews by a panel of Shasta Head Start employees and managers.

          b. For classroom staff opening, on-site observations may be given to select candidates.

      f. Selection

          a. References for the chosen candidate will then be checked.

          b. After successful reference check, the candidate will be extended a contingent offer of employment based on passing several

              pre- employment requirements, including:

      • - Livescan fingerprint check
      • - Pre-employment drug test
      • - Negative tuberculosis test
      • - Pre-employment strength assessment
      • - Favorable DMV printout

     g. Once all pre-employment requirements have been satisfied the candidate will be contacted by the hiring manager to begin employment.

     h. Employment applications for candidates not chosen for an open position will remain on file. Candidates may apply for newly

         opened positions through the Shasta Head Start Job Board.

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