Policy Council

What is Policy Council?


The purpose of Policy Council (PC) is to provide a formal means for parents to be involved in Shasta Head Start program planning and decision making.  In partnership with the Shasta Head Start Board of Directors and Shasta Head Start staff, the PC has a vital leadership role as a representative of their program location to receive information, training and reports which they take back to share with other parents at the monthly Center Committee meeting. Who participates on the Policy Council?


PC membership consists of parent representatives that are elected by parents at their Center Committee meetings in the beginning of the program year, and representatives from community agencies within the Shasta Head Start service area who have been elected by the Policy Council.


What is the role of the PC Representative (Rep)?

  • The PC representative is the link between the PC and the Shasta Head Start local Center Committee Meetings.
  • The PC representative attends monthly PC meetings to receive information and program updates, and reports back to their local Center Committee Meeting.
  • The PC representative reviews, advises and participates in planning program goals and objectives, policies and procedures, program monitoring and program funding proposals.
  • The PC representative receives training in program areas such health, child development, special needs, nutrition, family services, advocacy and program governance.
  • The PC representative ensures that information from the PC meeting is shared at the Center Committee Meeting.
  • The chair of the PC serves as a voting member on the Shasta Head Start Board of Directors during their term of office in order to provide a direct voice from the PC to the Board.
  • PC members may receive a reimbursement for reasonable child care and/or transportation costs connected with PC participation.


Center Committee Meetings:


These meetings are held monthly at each local program location.  All enrolled parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Parents will receive a PC report from their elected PC representative and have the opportunity to offer feedback for the representative to take back to PC.  Parents can become involved in the development of their program's curriculum and in designing program activities.  Parents will be encouraged to identify what they would to learn and to share ideas about community resources.  Parents are encouraged to serve on Shasta Head Start hiring committees to help with the hiring process of all Shasta Head Start employees.

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