Special Needs


Shasta Head Start strives to include all children in our program. To do this, Shasta Head Start has an entire department dedicated to supporting the inclusion of children with suspected or identified special needs and their families.

The department works with families, staff and service providers to create individualized plans that provide additional support and remove barriers to learning opportunities so that children can meet their full potential.  We provide individualized teaching and learning opportunities for children to access, participate, and thrive in all our settings. 

Shasta Head Start offers:

  • Inclusive Classrooms Children with and without special needs play and learn together.
  • Positive Behavior Supports – Tools for teachers and parents to help children develop positive social skills.
  • Mental Health Supports – Licensed Marriage Family Therapist supports staff and families with trauma informed care.
  • Child Success Teams – Staff and families come together with specialists to develop a plan for helping a child succeed in the classroom.
  • Individualized Inclusion Plans – Provide specialized support and remove barriers for children with specific special needs.
  • Referral & Collaboration with Early Intervention and Special Education Agencies.