My name is Juanita Morales and I am 21 year of age. I spent half of my childhood living in Central Oregon and the other half in Shasta County. I am a single mother of twin boys that are five years of age. This is the fifth year that my boys and I have been enrolled in Shasta Head Start. I have been enrolled in both the Home Base and the Center Base programs these past five years. I am a graduate of Shasta College, with an AS degree in natural sciences. I will be starting my next educational journey this August 2012 at California State University-Chico in pursuit of becoming a Registered Nurse.

My time as a parent in the Shasta Head Start program has been rewarding and enlightening. The skills that my boys and I acquired during our time in the program have provided support and empowerment to us as a family unity. I have learned how to be a more effective parent by understanding the developmental stages of children. I have also acquired more effective study habits by utilizing certain time and stress management techniques that are provided at monthly parent meetings. I also experienced an increase in self-esteem while interacting with the staff of Shasta Head Start in noting my abilities to achieve my short-term or long-term goals. This experience has led me to be a more confident and comfortable person in knowing what goals I can accomplish for myself and my family.

I have been a person who has been able to dream about my future and Shasta Head Start has been there to help me with living my dream.Thank you.

Juanita Morales

I would like to express my gratitude to the Head Start Program. The special attention and all the resources available for my daughter, Lauren, are incomparable to any other preschool. She has really excelled.

The teachers at Shasta head Start were always there for my family. My son Nathan, age six, needed hearing aids. We were discouraged by the lack of any programs that would assist in the purchase of the aids. My insurance did not cover the cost. I expressed my frustration to Michelle, and she suggested the Lions club. She even made the initial contact with them. Well, within three months the Lions Club had helped us obtain aides for our son. We are very thankful to the Head Start Program.

Tammy Rodriquez

I wanted to express my gratitude to the Head Start program for its dedication to providing a quality educational experience to all children; really going out of the way for children with disabilities; for removing physical barriers and maximizing accessibility; and for excellent, supportive staff, professionals and teachers who worked so well together to make Josh’s pre-school experience so meaningful.

We appreciated how we were included as a family in so many aspects with concern and caring, and in the decision making for our son’s program. You encourage families and make them important.
Each one of the teachers and staff left a positive impression and a smile with us.
Head Start deserves recognition and a big thanks from us.

Denise, Russ & Josh